Holiday Pet Proofing

posted: by: Dr. Joanne Carlson Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

It’s that time of year again! Parties, fruitcake, candy, eggnog and all the tree trimmings. These can all spell trouble for your beloved furry friends. Just like humans, pets tend to gain weight over the holidays and occasionally overdo it. A few simple suggestions can help to pet-proof your home for the holidays.

First of all, decorations are a sheer delight to most pets, especially our feline friends. Cats think that decorations are placed for their benefit and it is their inherent right to destroy them. Keep in mind that most cats spend the majority of the day, while we are gone, surveying the open areas and plotting destruction. Crunchy ribbon and garland are ideal for cats to chew on and unfortunately usually result in significant gastrointestinal problems. These items can become lodged in the intestines and pull the intestines like an accordion, resulting in blockage. Ultimately, surgery is necessary to correct the problem, which is not ideal for the kitty or your holiday budget. Dr. Carlson recommends avoiding ribbons, especially the curling type, and limiting tinsel as much as possible. Also, restricting access to the Christmas tree when you cannot supervise your furry friends is best.

Christmas trees pose hazards for your pets also. The flammable potential for real trees exists, particularly when they become dry and brittle. Keep the stand full of water and realize that pets love to drink from it!